Top 12 Christmas Gifts for Best Friends: Ultimate Female Best Friend Gift Guide

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 12 Unique and Cute Holiday Gift Ideas for your BFF

Holiday Season…It’s that time of the year again; when you get to show those you care about, how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life. And we all have that one best friend and partner in crime, who is always there when we need her.

So how do we find that one gift that is just perfect to celebrate your friendship? Worry not! This Ultimate Best Friend Gift Guide has the Top 12 Cutest Christmas Gifts that your Best Friend will absolutely Love! And they are all under $29, so no need to break the bank to find the perfect gift for your BFF.

1. Deluxe Unicorn Earrings

Unicorns are a big trend and if your BFF loves unicorns, this pair of earrings will be her favorite earrings for the next year.

unicorn earrings

2. Rose Bouquet Makeup Brushes

Real roses die too soon but these cute rose makeup brushes won't! Most girls love makeup, and most girls love roses too so here is something quite perfect.

makeup brushes

3. Coffe & Latte Lip Balm Set

Every girl needs to moisturize her lips, specially during winter. So why not get her a super cute Taste Beauty scented Lip Balm Set?

coffee lip balms  

4. Puppy Earmuffs

This one is perfect for dog moms; help them stay warm this winter with these adorable puppy earmuffs.

dog earmuffs

5. Hello Kitty Makeup Bag

If your bestie wants to carry her beauty products with style this makeup bag with keychain is great for her!

hello kitty makeup bag

 6. Kitten Crossbody Bag

Now, if she's a cat mom this circular bag might just become her favorite.

cat crossbody bag

7. Nail Polish Salt & Pepper Shakers

The perfect gift for a stylish kitchen

nail polish salp pepper shakers

8. Pink Diamond Wine Stopper

Great for the stylish BFFs, so she can keep her wine fresh and cute all the time

juicy couture wine stopper

9. Cozy Sheep Socks 

These cozy socks come with an ornament gift box, so she can hang it on her Christmas Tree.

cozy christmas socks

10. Magic Lamp Incense Burner

If she likes magic lamps and Disney movies, she will probably love this

lamp incense burner  

11. Novelty Stainless Steel Flasks

Because let's be honest, life can get complicated sometimes, and bars sell overpriced drinks; so if your bestie enjoys a good drink or cocktail you can get her of of these cute flasks.

stainless steel cute hip flasks

12. Flamingo Embroidered Holo Wallet

This dreamy embroidered wallet will be her favorite summer accessory.

 flamingo embroidery wallet


...To Add a Personal Touch to your Gift...

Don't forget to include a Christmas Card with a nice message, letting them know how much you care. Here are some cute Christmas, and all-occasion 3D pop up cards can get with your gift:

3d popup cards

Hope you enjoyed our: Top 12 Christmas Gifts for Best Friends: Ultimate Female Best Friend Gift Guide. Remember at Milx Designs you get free shipping options, cute items for as low as one cent, domestic 2 day delivery, a free gift with your 1st purchase, and extra Christmas gifts all of December. 

Happy Holidays!




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