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Unicorns have made a comeback!!! Unicorns were quite popular back in the 90's when colorful, bold and funky was big part of the fashion world, and all girls were into Lisa Frank and rainbows. In recent years, the culture of rainbows, unicorns, cuteness and bright colors is back and it's stronger than ever. As the Unicorn trend keeps getting hotter and hotter, you don't want to miss out!

It's hard to resist or escape the cotton candy dreamy Unicorn Trend, so you might as well try to add a touch of cuteness to your routine and get some cute unicorn stationery for the office, or school. Lucky for you we have the cutest unicorn pens, paper clips, notebooks, sticky notes, pencil cases and more. Take a look! (Clickable headings)

1. Unicorn Faux Fur Notebook and Pen

Unicorn Faux Fur Notebook + Pom Pom Pen

2. Ceramic Unicorn Pen

ceramic unicorn pen

3. Unicorn Plush Pencil Case

Unicorn Plush Pencil Case

4. Baby Unicorn Pens

baby unicorn gel pen

5. Unicorn Sticky Notes

Unicorn Sticky Notes

6. Unicorn Embroidery Scissors

Unicorn Embroidery Scissors

 7. Holo Unicorn Emoji Pencil Case

holographic unicorn pencil case

8. Unicorn Erasers

unicorn erasers

9. Rainbow Sticky Notes

Rainbow Sticky Notes

10. Holo Unicorn Pencil Case

unicorn holographic pencil case

11. Unicorn Puffy Stickers

Unicorn Dreams Dimensional Stickers

12. Unicorn Light Up Pen

unicorn pen

13. Unicorn Drawstring Backpack

Unicorn Heaven Drawstring Backpack

14. Unicorn Paperclips

Unicorn Paper Clips

15. Milx Unicorn Pen

unicorn pen

16. Baby Unicorn Pencil Case

Baby Unicorn Plush Pencil Case

17. Unicorn Emoji Paper Clip

Unicorn Emoji Paper Clip

Which ones did you like? We love all of them! For more cute unicorn products and kawaii stuff check out 

unicorn stationery

unicorn stationery

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