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 Top 10 Cute School & Office Supplies you Must Have!

Whether you are going back to school, or just getting ready for another week at work, it’s always a good idea to get yourself some seriously Cute School and Office supplies, just to add some fun to your daily routine. We hand picked some of the cutest desk accessories and cute stationery, which we think you will love. Take a look:

1. Holographic Unicorn Emoji Pencil Case: When you can't get enough of unicorns...

holographic unicorn pencil case


2. Snow Globe Pet Pens: These can be a bit distracting but these kawaii pens are too cute to ignore.

Snow Globe Pet Pens


3. Hello Kitty Gum ball Machine Erasers: This lovely  bubblegum machine is actually an eraser dispenser.

Bubble Gum Machine Eraser


4. Unicorn Faux Fur Notebook: who doesn't love a fuzzy pink notebook?!

ceramic unicorn pen


5. Pinhead Pushpins: Suited up and ready to rock your office

Pinhead Pushpins - Set of 8

6. Hello Kitty Stapler: So kawaii

Deluxe Hello Kitty Mini Stapler


7. Puppy Plush Pencil Case: This lovely puppy pencil case will steal everyone's heart.

Puppy Plush Pencil Case

8. Kawaii Memo Notes: These kawaii novelty memo pads don't even look like memo pads

Milk Box Memo Notes

9. Totoro Notebook: Lovely Totoro gift set which includes a wooden notebook and ceramic pen

Totoro Notebook Gift Set

10.  Kawaii Page Tab: Mini sticky notes, bookmark, or page tab marker

Love Apples Sticky Page Tab Marker

For more cute school and office supplies, and cute stationery go to There's a lot to chose from. Did you like our top 10 choices? Let Us know in the comments below!


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