10 Extremely Cute Kitchen Tools & Gadgets Under $10

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Glam Up that Kitchen!

Glamming up your kitchen shouldn’t have to be expensive. If you are on a budget or simply do not want to spend a fortune on kitchen accessories, you are in the right place. Here are some cute kitchen gadgets to let you showcase your sense of style and cost less than $10.

1. Junk Food Salt and Pepper Shakers

These cute Burger and Fries shakers can surely add a touch of fun to your kitchen

Junk Food Hamburgers and Fries Salt and Pepper Shakers

2. Dolphin Kiss drinking straw

Because dolphins are probably the cutest ocean animals! Available in Pink and Blue.

Dolphin Kiss Drinking Straw

3. Mermaid Tea Spoon

Trendy and magical iridescent teaspoon

Mermaid Tea Spoon Teaspoon

4. Rilakkuma Chopsticks

What better way to eat your rice and sushi than to do it with these cute kawaii chopsticks? 

Rilakkuma Chopsticks Chop Sticks

5. Pink Diamond Wine Stopper

Because sometimes we want our wine to shine bright like a diamond

Pink Diamond Wine Stopper Juicy Couture

6. Barnyard Animals Napkin Rings Set

Bring the farm to your kitchen and set the table like a pro with these napkin holders.

Barnyard Animals Napkin Rings Holders

7. Football Bottle Opener

This one is for the men of the house

Football Beer Bottle Opener

8. Knight Egg Holder

Boiled egg holder great for the kids

Knight Boiled Egg Holder Cup

9. Nail Polish Salt and Pepper Shaker

This is the perfect way to literally glam up your kitchen

Nail Polish Salt Pepper Shakers

10. Piano Food Forks

Serve your appetizers with these elegant fruit forks

Piano Food Fruit Forks


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